sending you love in a mug!

senTEAments would like to say a huge “Thank you!” to our Key Workers.


Being brought up in Northern Ireland, there, as in the rest of the UK, everyone knew that no matter what the problem was, tea would always make it better! Sharing a cup of tea is a simple, calming gesture of appreciation and togetherness when times are tough.

Through this global COVID-19 pandemic, many industries are striving to keep us all safe and fed. People working strenuously and diligently in healthcare, emergency services, food production and supply, essential stores, home delivery and volunteering etc. are making a HUGE difference. There are countless ‘unsung heroes’ in this crisis giving us HOPE.

We are offering fifty of our cards free, including worldwide postage (one free card available per person) so that you can share your appreciation with the key workers you admire and wish to thank. Send a card to someone out there who has made a difference in your life during this surreal time.

Simply click on the key worker card below, choose your card design and then click the ‘buy’ button. Just add the recipients address in the delivery address section and add the message you would like us to write in the Optional Notes section. We will write your card and send it on your behalf to your chosen ‘hero’.

If you’d like to send more cards they are available to purchase from our shop and we will happily write them and send them to your recipient for you.

We have also added a ‘Pay it Forward’ product. This will enable us to supply more than 50 free cards. If you’d like to purchase a card for someone less fortunate to send, then please purchase a card using the ‘Pay it Forward’ product, and instead of sending the card to you, we will add it to the ‘box’ of free cards, which will enable everyone to send a card who would like to show their appreciation, no matter what their circumstances.

Well wishes to all our customers, family and friends.

Keep safe everyone!

Sacha & Michael. xx

An original! Saw these cards and knew this was exactly what I was looking for! They are clever and fun and still have a meaningful sentiment…

Ordered them for a dear friend who is an avid tea drinker…she loved the cards & the tea.

What a creative idea! Love the sentiment, the cards are of good quality. Inside the card is blank to insert personalized greetings.

Love these – can’t wait to use them!

They are perfect. An easy way to connect with friends who have moved.