We are back in Central France just now and are really feeling the cold this week. The temperatures have plummeted to below zero, which is a huge shock considering we had a day last week where they reached 18C.

I’m so looking forward to the bright summer days again, enjoying the heat of the sun and being outside most of the time.

A part of our other business is buying and selling French antique & vintage items, and it’s the summer when we source most of our vintage linens to be used in the linings of our capes and bags.

We have quite a collection of these already, but a girl can never have too many linens, right!?

I’ve spent the last few weeks coming up with some new bag designs for summer and I’ll be sharing with you all soon. For the summer collection of bags, I’ve decided to focus on French vintage linen. There will be lots of unique bags this summer, one offs, teaming rustic hemp and linen with chateau fabrics and trims.

 I just need to finalize a few details and then we’ll be ready to get into production mode.


We’ve also been experimenting with more summery colours.

As most of you already know, we dye all our linens ourselves. It’s quite an exciting process, choosing a colour and seeing what develops. However, as much as I love this process, I’m afraid I must confess to leaving it all up to hubby.

He’s the dyeing expert here and loves to come up with new colour mixes to achieve the exact colour we’re looking for.

I’m loving these icecream sorbet colours he’s come up with. I’ve got a few ideas already, and  can’t wait to get using them on some bag pieces.


I’d love to know what you’re looking for in a summer bag. What do you use it for, shopping, beach, travelling? Do you like a small bag to hold your phone or purse or do you prefer a big bag to hold everything. I’m afraid I fall into the later category and then can’t find anything, so a large bag with pockets is what I look for.